Corporate Sponsor

Being active in the community positions a company as a community partner and demonstrates to its clients that they care about the place where their employees and customers live.

Besides generating new leads, a hidden benefit of this perception is improved employee recruitment and retention. When competing for the best and the brightest job candidates, this can make a business stand apart from its competition.

When businesses team up with the groups that are working hard to make their neighborhoods a better place, everyone wins. With a healthy perspective and by employing the aforementioned strategies, companies can allocate resources without breaking the bank, and enjoy the benefits of both a strong, positive reputation in their community and strong morale and team spirit in the workplace.


1 Year $2,500           2 Years $4,500            3 Years $6,000


What does your Sponsorship get you?

  • Your Logo printed on all Marketing Material for events, meetings, vendor shows, etc.
  • Links on our website and social media directing traffic to your company/organization 
  • Inclusion on all press releases
  • We will encourage St Pete Business League members to participate in your business
  • Booth Space at and St. Pete Business League Vendor Shows year of Sponsorship
  • Business listed in programs as Corporate Sponsor
  • Conducting Workshops
  • Guest Speaking Opportunities

Community Partners


Community partnerships create a touch point, so that sometime in the future, a person who needs a company’s product or service might say, “I heard of you through the St. Pete Business League.”  More information →

Vendor Shows


The St. Pete Business League plans to host many more successful Vendor Shows like our 2017 Juneteenth event! Our local businesses had a chance to get FREE mention on TV News interviews, Newspaper coverage, radio coverage and Social Media Exposure. With your help we can put these vendor shows on quarterly for our local businesses!.  More information →


Fundraising Events


Fundraising events can be a huge win for Non Profits, unfortunately, we need funds in order to out these on yearly for our local businesses and community shoppers. Add your logo to all Event Marketing material, Press Release mention and more! Sponsor a Fundraising event today!  More information →



We stay in touch with our business owners at least 4 times a month by email and once a month in person at our Monthly Meetings. At these meetings we bring in guest speakers, food, drinks, marketing material and a clean space to meet in. These things cost, and we need your help. Sponsor a Monthly Meeting today!  More information →