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Thank you for your interest in becoming a St Pete Business League Board Member! We are excited to have your support! Here is a brief description of the duties for the open positions.

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Chairman / President

The top position of a board is the chairman, chairperson or sometimes simply chair, who often serves as the president of the organization. In his chairman's role, the board member runs board meetings, appoints committees and performs other duties as directed by the bylaws. As president, this individual represents the organization in public by giving speeches, writing articles and attending functions on behalf of the organization.


The treasurer of a board keeps the organization’s financial records, unless the organization has a professional accountant or business manager. In that case, the treasurer keeps copies of the main financial records, signs checks the business manager or accountant writes, approves purchases and invoices and otherwise oversees and keeps an eye on the organization’s finances. The treasurer also prepares and delivers a treasurer’s report at each of the board’s official meetings and approves the organization’s annual tax filing. Many smaller organizations combine the secretary and treasurer positions, giving this position the title of secretary/treasurer.

Director of Diversity & Inclusion

The Director – Diversity and Inclusion ensures that the diversity of the Southern United States is well represented throughout the Association, and that educational, training and leadership programs are offered to the extent possible to enhance diversity representation. S/he serves as a primary resource and catalyst to strategize, plan, stimulate and/or collaborate with Board of Directors, members and relevant entities and resources to develop new diversity programs to meet strategic demands. S/he oversees the Diversity Committee and serves on the Nominations Committee. S/he serves a two-year term in office

Director – Professional Development

The Director of Professional Development identifies and recommends workshop, orientation, and other educational and training programs and research activities to contribute to the professional development of the membership and advancement of the profession. S/he oversees the Professional Development committee, including specific pre-conference workshops and Emerging Leader and Masters Series programs; coordinates and oversees the Research committee; and oversees the solicitation of members for volunteer involvement in the association. S/he serves a two-year term in office.

Director - Member Services

The Director - Member Services is responsible for providing value-added services to our existing membership by leading efforts to identify methods to recruit new members, develop and maintain an effective mentoring program and new member orientation program.

The Director - Member Services ensures there is a cohesive approach to the management of the association’s total membership process, sharing assets, ideas and processes to ensure a common approach to membership growth and development exists; providing equal opportunity and development for all member categories. S/he oversees the Membership Committee, New Members Committee, State Association & Consortia Committee, Consulting Services Committee, and Job Board Committee.


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