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Thank you for your interest in becoming a St Pete Business League Board Member! We are excited to have your support! Here is a brief description of the duties for the open positions.

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Vice Chair/Vice President

Serving directly under the chair is the vice chair or vice president. This person is often next in line to become the chair and serves as the board’s leader when the chair is not present, such as during official board meetings. Some organizations have multiple vice presidents comprising an executive committee. In that case, this position is known as the first vice president.


The secretary of a board takes notes, called minutes, at board meetings, then submits those minutes for amendment or approval by the board. If the organization does not have a business office, the secretary keeps its records and its non-financial legal documents, including its bylaws, articles of incorporation and minutes of historical meetings.

Director - Member Services

The Director - Member Services is responsible for providing value-added services to our existing membership by leading efforts to identify methods to recruit new members, develop and maintain an effective mentoring program and new member orientation program.

The Director - Member Services ensures there is a cohesive approach to the management of the association’s total membership process, sharing assets, ideas and processes to ensure a common approach to membership growth and development exists; providing equal opportunity and development for all member categories. S/he oversees the Membership Committee, New Members Committee, State Association & Consortia Committee, Consulting Services Committee, and Job Board Committee.


Board members who do not have one of the previously discussed roles often volunteer to head committees such as a marketing or website committee. These board members attend meetings, receive updates and vote on board matters. They have the right to make motions, discuss them and vote on them. These positions come with a chairperson title, such as a marketing committee chair. After serving as a board member, these individuals might ascend to the secretary, treasurer, vice chair and eventually chairman of the board positions. Some board members represent specific geographic areas, often when the organization is a nonprofit with members. For example, a board might have northern, southern, eastern and western districts, with a board member required to reside within the boundaries of her district.


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