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Real Life Mindfulness

  • Wed, April 21, 2021
  • Sat, April 24, 2021

Join Jessica Morey and Ghylian Bell (yoga and movement practice)  for 4 days of meditation, movement and discussion – learning to bring mindfulness practice off the cushion and into your life so you can experience more joy, intimacy and connection. This retreat is designed to work with your schedule and real-life experience. Learn how to . . .

• Show up with kindness, compassion, joy in daily life in relationships and at work
• Connect deeply with yourself and others
• Access calm in your mind and body throughout the day 
• Prioritize caring for yourself and your relationships
• Feel more connected to your desires
• Clarify what you most want in any moment
• Tap into your desires and let go of guilt / shame
• Stay connected to a deeper sense of purpose and direction in your life 

• Feel and listen to your emotions in real time, without getting overwhelmed or side-tracked by themMORE INFO

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