To enable sustainable economic growth through collaboration and trade amongst black-owned businesses and communities

Our Vision

Community Growth


First of all as the newly elected President of the St Pete Business League (S.P.B.L.) let me thank all of our past Presidents, board members and committee participants for getting us to where we are today. Your hard work is most appreciated and it has allowed us to do what we need to do today. Yes, there have been contradictions but those are just the trials and tribulations that we need in order to grow, develop and most importantly, LEARN from. 

  Secondly, I would like to extend a special THANKS to our current Executive board and committee participants for their ongoing diligence and hard work displayed in this past year's events and the upcoming events specifically our General Membership meeting and the elegant Legends Ball. Without your continued hard work the St Pete Business League would not be thriving and "growing ever so strong." Thank you all so very, very much. 

  Now, we have some extremely hard work to undertake in the last few months of this year and and more importantly the upcoming year (2018). Our primary objective is to move out of the comfort zone and into the uncomfortable zone where our true expertise can be ignited. This fire is what it's going to take to make the S.P.B.L. the go to organization for business development and growth. A growing dynamic brand and property which will get the attention of capital needed to stabilize and push forward success in South St. Petersburg now and for future generations.


Since becoming your President I strongly encourage transparency within the S.P.B.L. and I want to hear from the membership, that's the only way to effectively grow. I've been busy with the following endeavors:

1. We have revised and "fine tuned" the By Laws because some areas were not clear enough.

 2. Our website is being improved constantly to become more user friendly along with being able to accept donations. We encourage members to utilize it's benefits.

3. We need to reach out to this community (and other communities) to firmly establish our presence with them and let those who we reach out to firmly establish their presence with us. In this way we can all make our communities worthwhile success stories. So far we have met with, joined or attended their events:

The National Council of Negro Women's (NCNW), NAACP, The Deuces Live committee, The Carter G. Woodson museum committee, Chief Holloway of the St Petersburg Police Department, the Central Florida Business Diversity Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the 2020 Economic Plan, the Pinellas County Urban League, TBBIC, to mention a few

4. We've established a finance committee which will begin to immediately address the financial difficulties within the S.P.B.L. and our business community. Alex Morfesis (a member of our committee) has suggested the 555 Plan - 

In 5 years we will establish 5000 Black owned businesses in South St Pete. and generating $5 million dollars as the annual revenue/resources for the S.P.B.L.

Remember you get what you negotiate, not what you deserve.




William Crowley